When & Why Your Blog Will Be Suitable For Affiliate Marketing?

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8 Responses

  1. David Stillwagon says:

    Great article and opinions, very interesting to see what other people had to say about it. Thanks for sharing your advice with us!

  2. Michael says:

    Don’t be afraid to try affiliate marketing even if you only have a small amount of traffic. The results may be minimal at first, but the experience will only help you.

  3. Brenon MacLaury says:

    I do quite a bit of affiliate marketing on my blog, mostly with Clickbank. Some months I have a good amount of traffic and make next to nothing, and some months I have less traffic and make more. I focus on a wide range of readers and topics, which sometimes isn’t good for doing AM. You’ll usually do better if you focus on a specific niche and earn the trust of your readers. Also, Amazon is a good program but the commissions are lower than a lot of AM companies. The name is well known, though, and that can make a world of difference.

  4. Jeffery Robets says:

    Great article. Thanks for the info. I’m slowly gearing up to try some affilate marketing. I’ve signed up with Amazon.com.

  5. Aron Sora says:

    Nice article esp for beginners. Yes, traffic is more important inorder to do make some affiliate sale that too targeted traffic. Without traffic, nothing works out !!!

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