How to Install Cookies for High CPC Ads | Mozilla Firefox Tips 2019

What are Cookies:

Cookies are the small pieces of data that are stored on every internet user’s browser while the users browse new websites. Cookies mainly designed to collect user’s data by an internet browser to deliver to the web server or specific clients. By collecting these cookie’s data, web servers or providers can track & target user’s browsing and searching interests to serve related information and related products or companies advertising.

Why You Should Change or Install New Cookies?

Changing or installing new cookies can develop or undeveloped your searching results and help to see good or poor quality products ads on a web page or search engine. When you install a rich or good quality user’s cookies, you will see that user’s interest-based ads and search results, that’s the reason, you will be benefited. Basically, all cookies installer want to develop their internet browsing experience to see good or high CPC ads and search engine’s results that’s why they install USA, UK or Canadian user’s imported cookies. So if you want to see good or high CPC ads or develop search engine’s results you should change and install new updated cookies.

How To Install Cookies On Mozilla Firefox Browser?

Install cookies on your specific Mozilla Firefox browser to get more benefits. So now I am gonna show you step by step the best installing process to install the latest, updated & high-quality cookies that I recently imported from a high-quality USA’s user.

Step A

First of all, you need to download these 2 specific files (1 and 2 ). It’s 100% compulsory 

  1.  Mozilla Firefox Version 56.0b2 (Important note: You must need this specific version of Mozilla Firefox), Click here to download
  2. Cookies Pack (Click here to download)

Step B

  1. Turn off your internet connection and install Mozilla Firefox that you downloaded (Note: If any other version of Mozilla Firefox already installed on your computer, uninstall that first before installing version 56.0b2)
  2. Open Firefox and go to settings option and turn off Automatic Updates
  3. Now go to Add-ons > and click Extensions and now click setting wheel

  4. Click on “Install Add-on from File”  and choose “cookies_exportimport-1.0-fx.xpi” file from Cookies Pack Files folder that you downloaded already. Now You will see a message like this. Click on “Add”.
  5. Now Press “Alt” button using your keyboard to see Menu Bar of Mozilla Firefox.
  6. Now Click on Tools > then click “Import Cookies” Now select the file (High After Installing, you will see a message like this, Click OK.


WOW! You did a great job. Now cookies have been Installed on your Mozilla Firefox Browser. Turn on your internet connection and restart the Firefox Browser, visit any website and Enjoy Cookies Benefits.

N.B: After expiring this cookie you have to install another updated cookie to continue enjoying cookies benefits. 

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